I believe our life is like a coin with two sides, in balance when both sides are expressed:

  1. Self-Development and owning my life as a Master instead of a victim.
  2. Working together for the benefit of Mankind.

My blogging journey started in April 2016 to share my lessons learned up till then, my soul intention was to inspire positive action in others as I share my experiences to live their most fulfilled lives.

One of my biggest challenges in life – is to express myself and overcome self doubt. As you can imagine, laying my soul bare in the archives of the web is a fairly daunting way to do this. My journey incorporates being better at cultivating my high minded vision of the bigger picture: my ability to see the beauty, opportunity and teachings of life’s UPS …. and DOWNS.

My intention is to do this from a place of unconditional loveto inspire & uplift in constructive and enthusiastic ways.

As hard as this challenge is to overcome, especially in this day and age of cancel culture and public outcries, the message is too important to keep locked up inside.

This all came to a head in 2018 when I climbed Table Mountain in Cape Town every. Single. Day. For the entire year, becoming the first person to do so while raising R1 million for The Sunflower Fund, Habitat for Humanity and One Heart. All money raised gave people born into more challenging circumstances a hand up, by:

  • Increasing the data base for Leukaemia;
  • Building homes for those living in shacks
  • Providing under-resourced schools books to teach children to read

Climbing every day and the dealing with fatigue, weather, monotony are how I tested every capability and belief I’d ever developed. Balancing this coin I invited those that invested in the project called ‘365 Ubuntu Climbs’ to climb with me. It was an extreme challenge because I was doing it every day; but in a word first for extreme challenges – others could join and push their capabilities to do it just once.

744 people, from ages 8 to 74, of all fitness levels to those that had never climbed Table Mountain before – no one was turned away. Everyone became part of the ‘experiment’ to see what happens when we collectively chose to focus on what we can do instead of on the problem.

My greatest lessons I gained from completing something so absurd in 100km/h winds,heatwaves, driving winter rain and growing fatigue – is threefold.

  1. Whatever we focus on is what we get – I was surrounded by the most inspiring positive incredible people all year.
  2. We all have this strength inside us, we either too fearful to tap into it or just express it in different ways.
  3. What we accomplish in life doesn’t define us – it’s simply an expression of what we’re capable of.

It’s just one day at a time, step by step. Step one is listening to the fire inside and ignoring the outside opinions. That’s how we achieve our greatest desires with purpose driven action now. There’s no such thing as a small action when taken in the right direction.

What will your first step be today?

Taking my final step on 31 December 2018 completing a full calendar year of climbing Table Mountain – the vertical equivalent of climbing Mt Everest 71 times.

You can support me on Patreon and help me on my quest to keep sharing the power of Ubuntu by clicking below.

With my deepest gratitude, thank you.

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