“Why am I writing a blog?”

Great question.

I am passionate about writing as a form of expression. To be able to convey emotions and ideas that challenge people regarding the way they think and behave. There is no right or wrong. Nobody has the definitive answer in life (or anything really); its about exposing ourselves to as much as we can so we can make an informed decision about what feels right for us.

My desire with this blog is to do just that. Challenge our mind-set. Firstly, I have no intention of hurting or harming people with  my words. If it happens its because I have potentially touched on something personal to you; but my intention with my writing is just as I live my life – to make a positive impact. So everything I write about comes from a place of love.

The idea is to create a society where we listen more. Work towards understanding one another rather than judging. Share ideas and talk about how we all see things differently. Embrace our differences as fantastic opportunities for growth.

The beauty of writing in this blog is that I will be able to share an entire thought or experience from start to finish instead of how normal conversations go back and forth. I will be able to take you on a journey and sometimes we may laugh, other times cry. But ultimately? It’s about pushing ourselves to become the great human beings we are all capable of being. It’s even in the name – “be”

Nothing I write is scripture. It’s my point of view and experiences of this grand life. Take from it what you will. Discuss your point of view or questions – I may just learn something new from you too.

Most importantly – let’s have fun!

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