Welcome to the 50in50 Challenge!

Your Journey to a purpose filled year Begins here

Build yourself | Build Community

Our greatest challenge isn’t how long we commit to something. It’s what we’re prepared to do Today

Struggle to find a way to make walking / running / cycling interesting? Well, this challenge is all about creativity. Above is an example of what I (and you!) will create each week. 50 states equal 50 weeks! This is a wonderful opportunity to embody the weekly discipline it takes to build a healthy lifestyle. Committing to this once a week while using it as an opportunity to raise and money awareness (see charities below) means we have an opportunity to inject purpose into 2021, imagine looking back in years to come and know you not only built the foundation for a healthy life – but created generational change in someone else’s in the process.

I’ll be supporting you every step of the way….

These are our Purpose Partners to choose from:

Building Homes

Support Habitat for Humanity’s work in the East Bay and Silicon Valley area, and help give more families access to a decent place to live – and the security and hope that come with it.

Did you know that 250 people donating $50 a month can sponsor a home in 1 year?

Building Schools

Support Pencils of Promise as they build schools from the inside out and help provide access to quality education for all, in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

Did you know that 83 people donating $50 a month can build a school in 1 year?

Building Literacy

Support communities by empowering teachers with the tools to teach children to read. At grade 4 level nationally – South Africa’s literacy rate is 34%.

Did you know that 2 people donating $50 a month can supply 1 primary school with literacy aids in 1 year?

Building Homes (RSA)

Support communities by giving the gift of safety to a family currently living in a shack. Imagine finally having your own toilet, running water and a shower to use instead of a bucket?

Did you know that 28 people donating $50 a month can build a home supporting a family in 1 year?

FUN FACT: The number of people it would take to do all of the above?


(or 121 people inviting 2 friends to join them)

You can support me on Patreon and help me on my quest to keep sharing the power of Ubuntu by clicking below.

With deep gratitude, Thank you.

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