Becoming a Global Player with JT Foxx

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It only takes a moment to change your life.

In this story—I didn’t realise the extent of that moment until a month later.

Today I’m speaking at the Money Wealth Business Conference hosted by JT Foxx (the worlds number one wealth and business coach) a month after first meeting him. Besides the nerves and intense excitement, I can feel in my gut that my life will never be the same again.

I just had no idea to what extent.

Where it all started.

I’ve seen JT’s ads and heard about him vaguely before. I believe everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to; and having just been retrenched twelve days earlier—I get an invite by a friend to attend his seminar in Kyalami Johannesburg; my mind already open and looking for ways to expand my business ideas.

My first introduction to JT

At this point, maybe you know him, maybe not; perhaps you’ve got an opinion of him, or not. The reality is, the attitude you bring to the table is the truth you will identify with. The day proves incredibly insightful and a wealth of information is shared by him and his team. He has my attention.


My gut told me to stay out of corporate and see what opportunities arise from being retrenched (with great success by the way) and now it’s excited again – about the prospect of partnering with the JT organisation; especially as I had just started thinking about taking my idea globally.

Here’s the reality though: its one thing to think it – it’s another to make it happen.

Low and behold, here I’m presented an opportunity, not just for coaching, but to speak at his conference the following month and share my vision with people from thirty one countries.

Global: Check.

The speed with which I’m able to execute this scared me a bit; but JT constantly talks about what separates you from others: Speed to implementation.

A massive growing week

The week leading up to the Money Wealth Business Conference, I’m a bundle of nerves. It’s the largest crowd I’ve ever addressed. As positive as the message of my talk is, my mind quickly spirals into a whirlpool of uncertainty and fear.


False Events Appearing Real.

Thankfully, I have a great support network in friends and family guiding me through the week.

Why not just go up there, be me, share my story and have fun?? This question snaps me out of expectation mode and into appreciation mode.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I need to embrace it. The excitement and anxiety breathed through my body every day and helped me sharpen my talk and presentation. Nerves are good – they mean you not letting your guard down. In the end it helped me achieve a 9.4 rating on the day.

Friends and family alleviate my doubts; and JT’s coaching team are the professionals fine tuning my message into a meaningful and powerful ten minute talk.

One comforting piece of advice comes after chatting with my coach in America, Marcus Geier, using his previous experience at conferences he explains things from the crowds perspective – that they’re excited to hear the talks and the energy is electric. He’s right about that.

The thing about partnering with the right people or organisations, is that experience counts for everything. It instils confidence via osmosis. Whether via email or on our telephonic chats; Marcus is there to guide me and I feel like the JT Fox organisation is the hand behind my back as the training wheels come off; constantly wanting to me to cycle like the wind.

D Day

I arrive early as JT wants to chat with all the speakers. He has a wonderful way of instilling some calmness in us and removing some pre talk jitters: don’t stress if it doesn’t come out exactly as practised – just have fun!

He spends some time chatting about how to use the stage and we get briefed on where we need to be and when throughout the day.

IMG_6600My talk’s just after the lunch break. I can’t sit in the crowd and watch the others, so I spend 45 minutes pacing in the ‘holding area’ before getting backstage and micro-phoned up. He walks past and gives me a reassuring fist bump. I slowly start converting more nerves into excitement, especially as I stand backstage with my slot being next.

Sometimes you have to push yourself so hard, that you have no choice but to grow into the person you need to be.

In the last two years I’ve started allowing myself to dream big. I think that’s what separates people from believing someone can help you get there from those that don’t. If you don’t believe you deserve something – anything – you’ll never have it. It’s constantly referred to over the conferences’ three days: mind-set.

As if that reassuring fist bump backstage wasn’t enough, JT’s introduction before my talk pumps me up even more. Walking on stage is one of the greatest honours of my life to date and my two favourite moments were:

1. When the crowd erupts after saying ‘I’ll be walking up Table Mountain every day in 2018’ to raise money and awareness while doing my part to eradicate negativity, and

2. Their reaction to my goal to positively impact 1 million peoples lives by doing so.

View from the top: looking down Platteklip gorge that snakes its way up Table Mountain with     2 579 ‘stairs’ which will be the equivalent of summiting Mount Everest 71 times in 2018


I’m reminded why we must relentlessly pursue our dreams and forget about the naysayers.

What do you place your trust in?

It’s funny, isn’t it? We ask for something; like meeting a man/woman, and the universe gives it to us and then we go ‘naaaaaaaaaaaaaah it’s too good to be true’

It’s always ‘one day’, tomorrow, when ‘X’ takes place—THEN what I want will happen. The message from JT Foxx, Jenna Clifford (local billionaire business woman), Hugh Hilton and Patrice Motsepe (South Africa’s wealthiest man and possibly most generous too) has a common thread running through their talks. None of them believe they have something special that others don’t: they just believe.

Think of it as instead of ‘why me’ its ‘why not me?’

There’s something else that impresses me at this conference; the number of female speakers. I bring this up because it speaks volumes about JT’s commitment to making that a reality. This is results. Besides coming from nothing – when you have such a varied array of testimonials that means one thing: you get results.

When he says he’s going to do something – he does it.

I don’t want to wait until I’m 50 to get results (I’m 37 now in case you wondering) Case in point – I had another business idea thanks to our marketing coaching sessions on the weekend. The ideas are now not just flowing, they have a strategic element to them.

I said I want to become global – but it doesn’t just happen. It’s where so many fall short. They want different results but, doing nothing different to get there. This is where JT stepped in to help make it reality.

I’m committed to my dreams and taking action has set my soul on fire – I know that my life is never going to be the same again. I have no doubt about that now.

Talking at the conference is proof.

Talking about how 365 UbuntuClimbs was hatched so soon was a dream. As far as I am concerned; the more people I can tell about why I’m walking up Table Mountain every day in 2018 the better. I’m looking forward to creating a community around positivity.

After my 10 minute talk, I now have a media company wanting to film behind the scenes footage; international people interested in partnering with me; 4 corporate talks lined up and a connection to take this to government and make it national—not to mention a host of individuals donating money through their companies or privately.

And this is just the start.

I know JT hates South Africans using the word ‘can’t’ – but I can’t WAIT to head to America in November for the Mega Success conference and then spend three days at his home afterwards to fine tune my business strategies even more.

In the past, it was me holding myself back. Since I got out of my own way – amazing things have happened.

My personal and business growth has been exponential since I invested in myself with JT Foxx. I only have one question:

What future are you dreaming of?


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